Creating a Great Resume

A professional resume writer is often hired for high-level positions such as a medical resume or legal resume. Or for highly competitive positions such as Investment Banker, or financial services. This is a mistake. You don't think you can afford a professional resume? Consider this, each week you are not employed is costing you money. The money you lose in a month's unemployment far exceeds the cost of a professionally written resume.

Consider the following to prepare to collaborate with a resume writer.

Job Specificity
A resume should be tailored to each position applied to. It is not a good idea to send out the same resume to several companies for various jobs.  Companies now use software to pre-screen resumes before a human ever lays eyes on them. Most template resumes are trashed at this stage.  The software searches for key phrases and words that apply to the particular position. Often found in the posted job description, if these words and phrases are not prominently feature throughout the resume, it may be rejected immediately.

Your information should be easy to read. Human Resources have dozens of resumes to review. Poor formatting is a quick way to weed out the bulk of resumes. A professional resume writer is well versed in proper formatting, but there are also many industry and career level specific formats that must be followed. Do not trust the formats found on the internet. They may be incorrect, or out of date. .

Clarity and Conciseness
A resume is not the place to be verbose. It is difficult to distill years of experience into one or two pages, so only focus on what is necessary. A Human Resources Manager will not take the time to read a long resume.

A resume is not a list of qualifications and achievements. It is the interview before the interview. A professional resume writer can help you with this. The resume needs to extend an air of professionalism that is in keeping with the position the applicant is seeking. This means that it should be rigorously spell checked. There are jokes in the HR world about the number of resumes they review with grammar and misspelled words. What does a typo tell an HR manager about a Candidate, especially when the resume is for a medical, financial, or legal position?

The resume is not the place to be creative. There is no room to express your own ideas – no matter how important you consider a certain job, award, or experience.

Use action verbs words when describing accomplishments and avoid vague language. When the applicant discusses previous job responsibilities, they should not simply list what they did every day. They should instead describe results and projects completed. By using action words, the tone of their resume will be one of competence.

These tips will help anyone who faces the challenge of putting together a professional resume regardless of career field or level. These tips will aid when writing a medical resume or a financial resume. Even if they do not write the actual resume, a professional resume writer can be of assistance. Some will review a completed resume for a reduced fee.