Do I Need a Cover Letter?

Most applications require a cover letter. But don't let that worry you. Cover letters are an excellent opportunity to position your application and provide valuable context to your resume. Here's a quick list of reasons why you should include a cover letter with your application.

Reasons why you should prepare a cover letter:

  • Most employers require a cover letter as part of a complete application.
  • Many jobs are applied via email. Your cover letter can be used as your email template.
  • Cover letters are a great way to highlight your qualifications, greatly increasing the chances a Hiring Manager will proceed to your resume for a closer look.
  • Save valuable space on your resume by placing salary requirements, preferences, and openness to relocation in your cover letter.
  • Cover letters offer the opportunity to personalize each application by including something specific about the job position and company. For example, writing something about the company's recent merger will impress the Hiring Manager, letting him know that you have done your homework.

Tips for a great cover letter:

  • Keep it short and simple (one page)
  • Use proper business writing techniques
  • Use bullet points and bolding for easy reading
  • Include your contact information (phone and email)
  • Be Proactive (e.g.; I will give you a call to follow up on Monday)